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All a Viz Girl Wants for Christmas

Okay Vivettes! Christmas Is just around the corner and I'm sure everyone is looking for the perfect gift idea for your friends for your gift exchanges coming up. I know that most of you were either feverishly online shopping last Friday or even went to the mall all day in order to get the best black Friday deals. If you could still not find the perfect gift for your viz bestie, here are some affordable and cute gift ideas! Bath and Body Works

I have ALWAYS loved bath and body works. Everyone loves the seasonal winter Christmas scents weather its perfume, body wash, candles, or lotion. This gift is perfect because every girl loves to smell amazing during the holidays. If you don’t have a store near you, try a bath bomb or new soap from a store such as Target or LUSH as an easy and highly useful gift.


You know what the best part of the winter is, cozying up with a comfortable pair of slippers. I know every Viz girl will love a fluffy new pair of slippers to wear watching Christmas movies or on their Starbucks run. These don't have to be expensive UGG ones either, Amazon often has very affordable and cute ones that will come in time to gift to your friends. These are also perfect for a VIZ senior to wear the rest of the year!

Water Bottle

I'm sure you have all seen many girls walking to class carrying their beat up metal water bottle throughout the day. This is one of my favorite gifts to get someone because I know every viz girl will love a new water bottle/ cup to keep hydrated throughout the school day. You can even get your friend her favorite color, get her stickers to personalize it, or even buy a personalized water bottle with her name on it. My favorite brands are hydro flask, swell, and yeti which keep ice cold all day long!

Phone Case

A new phone case Is such a useful Christmas gift! I often shop on Casetify, apple, amazon, or Bauble bar for a personalized one! A phone case is something almost everyone uses and if you have a friend who is constantly dropping their phone, a protective case is a great gift for them!


This is for sure one of the most basic Christmas gifts for a Viz girl, but it might be the one that is used the most. Most viz girls love to wear jewelry and it is such an easy gift for a friend based on their style. There are so many options such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. My favorite store for jewelry is Kendra Scott or there many different local boutiques have unique jewelery that you can buy to support a small buisness! You can even get them jewelery with their name or initial on it for a personal touch.


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