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Anna Krummenacher's Music

By Anna Krummenacher '20

2020 is upon us! This is monumental in many ways. Not ONLY is it the year of the rat, it is my graduation year and I feel compelled to somehow leave my mark on Viz. And while I could work towards high goals that will guarantee my legacy live on, such as breaking an athletic record (doubtful) or winning some grand award (also doubtful), I’ve decided to give the masses what they didn’t know they needed: a playlist of my music choices. Here are my top 5 songs I’m listening to as I settle into 2020. I hope these will help you kickstart the new year with a couple of new songs.

"Slip Away" by Perfume Genius

If I was going to pick any song to BLAST in my car, I think it would be this one. This starts out slow and by the chorus is ramped up enough that you can’t help but crank the volume. I discovered this song this fall I can’t wait to bring it into the summer when I can enjoy it in it’s full glory with the sunroof open.

"Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon

Though I do have a slightly narcissistic bias towards this song considering the name in the title, this song’s fun beat is unbeatable. Despite somewhat cynical lyrics, this tune will certainly boost leave you feeling a little energized and ready to dance.

"Yellow Ferrari" by The Toxic Avenger feat. Mystery Skulls

Despite being a “techno” artist, this Toxic Avenger track is surprisingly chill and perfect to listen to on a drive with friends. I often feel compelled to roll the windows down and though that isn’t always an option this time of year, this song still gives me a great feeling!

"Annie" by ARIZONA

I promise I’m not choosing songs simply because they have a play on my name as the title. This song is the ultimate mood lifter with its intricate electronic beats. ARIZONA was one of the most listened to artists of 2019 and I will most likely continue that into 2020 with their recently released album.

"Sleep on the Floor" by The Lumineers

Released in 2016, this song isn’t exactly new and is one of the Lumineer’s most popular songs. However, as my favorite song of all time, I definitely couldn’t leave it off the list. With some simple guitar and drums in the background, this song is the perfect way to chill out and just listen.


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