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Crescent Coffee

By Kirti Madhu '21

As the Managing Director of Crescent Coffee, I had many goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. My main goal was figuring out how to reopen in the midst of Covid, but with this goal came many hurdles. The first thing I needed to do was get Crescent Coffee approved by the St. Louis Health Department. While that may seem like an easy thing, it was a difficult task to manage while also being a full-time high school student. Fortunately after what seemed like thousands of phone calls, a couple of emails, and one nerve wracking inspection later, Crescent Coffee was approved by the St. Louis Health Department. But this was only the first challenge I encountered. After this, me and Crescent Coffee’s Assistant Managing Director, Catherine Harlan, began prepping for the Food Safety Manager Certification by learning about topics ranging from foodborne illnesses to internal cooking temperatures for meat. In the midst of studying for this exam, it was also time to pitch our idea to open Crescent Coffee to our administration. When we were brainstorming ideas for safe ways to open, an easy and accessible website seemed like the most convenient way to go (and we were right). This website along with our extra safety precautions taken at Crescent Coffee proved to be the perfect plan to convince administration to let us open. Now a month into being open, I am so glad we have been able to share Crescent Coffee with all of our students and we hope to continue to serve our community.


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