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IOS 14 Guide

By Riley Ehlermann '21

As the new IOS 14 update is downloading on iPhones everywhere and everyone’s TikTok For You Pages are filled with people’s home screens, some may be quite confused. How is everyone changing their app’s icons? Why are there three bigger pictures coinciding with the regular apps? How can I make my home screen visually appealing as well? Do not worry, I will try to explain all the steps you need to take to transform your iPhone’s home screen.

First off if you do not already have the update, then…get it. Now that you have downloaded it, go to the app store, and download the app “Widgetsmith.” This app will allow you to put the larger sized pictures, calendar, and clock on your home screen next to your apps. In Widgetsmith, chose a size you would like whether that is small, medium, or large. Click “add (size) widget” and a new option should appear. Click on what just popped up, click on the main picture one more time, and you should now see loads of options. You can either customize the widget to display the time or your calendar, or you can put a personal picture on it instead. To do this step, go down to custom, click “photo,” then “choose photo,” select your picture, go back to where it says “save” and click it, and you are done. Now, if you are still with me, go to your regular home screen and gently press down until your apps are shaking. In the top right corner there should be a plus sign, hit that. Scroll all the way down until you find the widget app and click on it. Select the size widget you would like to add to your home screen, and it will add the latest widget you created in that size.

If I have not confused you enough I will now be explaining not only how to change the icon picture of an app, but also how to re-change it because you will probably change your aesthetic five times. Find and go into the app Shortcuts, it should already be on your phone. There is a plus button in the top right corner, click it. Then select “add action,” “scripting,” “open app,” and then select the app you want to change the icon for. After selecting your app, go to the three dots in the upper right corner and select “add to home screen.” Then there are two pictures, click the bottom, smaller one and then click “choose photo.” Pick whatever suits your theme, name your shortcut, click “add” then “done” and now “next.” We are almost done. Name it one more time and click “done.” Now it will appear on your home screen and you are good to go.

There are many other tricks and features about the IOS 14 update but after having read back my explanations I do not think I should be the one attempting to instruct you anymore! I would just say to mess around with it until you figure it out, like I did, and you will feel very proud of yourself. Also, I would love to see your themed home screens so send them to me! Or not.


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