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  • Mary Howard

Is Pookie the Correct Term to Call Your Partner?

Made popular as of recent, the word “Pookie” has been circulating the internet. Used as an endearing term to describe one’s partner, similar to the use of “Sweetheart” or “Honey”. Brought to light by Campbell Puckett (also infamously know as “Pookie”) and her husband Jett Puckett. He is seen in viral TikTok’s describing his wife’s activities, food, or outfit details while using the term Pookie. But Does this term work for everyone. Derived from the term “Pookie Bear” the word is seen as sweet affectionate nickname for a significant other. Not all couples can get away with this pet name. Though it is cute and has a nice ring, the word itself fits a very niche group of people. Many people would not enjoy being called Pookie as it can be seen as a term for a “weak, shy, and meek” person. By no means does every person who enjoys being called this fit these stereotypical traits. Yet, others still classify this word in the same category as darling, babe, and honey. Depending on the personality of the theoretical “Pookie” their opinion on being referred to by this pet name will differ. Personally, if I was ever called Pookie in an unironic way I would not enjoy it. My advice is before you go out this Valentine’s season with the intention to call your loved one “Pookie” to reconsider and give it a little thought before you make your date awkward.


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