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Project Manager Farewells and Hopes for the Future

By Anna Cichelero '21 and Bella Leonard '21

Part One (By Anna)

After spending three years as a part of the team, I can hardly believe that my time with the Vivette Times has come to an end. Though I can't say I'll miss the extra early mornings I've had to endure twice a week for the past three years, I will undoubtedly miss the time that I get to spend with such a talented team, the endless opportunities to learn real-world skills through experience, and so much more.

Though Vivette Times was never a part of the "high school plan" that I had created for myself freshman year, I couldn't imagine my high school experience without it. It's become such a large part of my life and taught me skills far more advanced than those one can learn in the classroom. The 7:15am meetings and nightly work quickly became a part of my routine and my teammates quickly became important role models in my life. Starting the Vivette Times as the youngest member on the team my sophomore year, I was able to look up to many talented upperclassmen and observe their different leadership qualities to help me form my own style of leadership by the time I became Project Manager.

In the coming years, I'm excited to be able to watch as the Vivette Times continues to grow and flourish, as I know that the future leaders and members of the team are fully capable of success. Best of luck to the younger members of the team and farewell!

Part Two (By Bella)

I joined Emerging Media junior year after hearing Anna talk about during our free periods. I always wanted an opportunity where I could write consistent articles and I pestered Mrs. Andrews all of second semester my sophomore year until it appeared on my schedule. I am so fortunate Anna talked to me about this call or else I would not have found my favorite medium and more importantly, my passion for journalism.

At the start of my high school career I was convinced I would major in musical theatre. However, once freshman year officially started I realized that that was not the case, and spent the rest of the year searching for where my passions might lie. I decided that I like knowing everything especially being in the know about the latest gossip whether that be celebrity, politics, or news in general. For me personally I look to the future with hope that I keep this passion throughout my entire career. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life in a few short months, and I know that the Vivette Times is in good hands for years to come. Like Anna I cannot wait to watch this team of brilliant women expand and transform the Vivette Times into the best it can be. I made some of my best friends in this class and I can't wait to see what they'll do in the future.


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