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THE BEST Costume Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching, Viz girls have been searching far and wide for the perfect cute/inspirational/funny costume. Well look no further, because below I will share the top 5 spookiest silliest Halloween costumes to make all the boys and girls at your weekend functions say WOW!

  1. St. Jane De Chantal/St. Francis De Sales

Want a more conservative but fun look? Go as your favorite Viz saint, St. Jane De Chantal. When someone asks who you are (kind of embarrassing if they don't already know) you can respond with "the best saint of all time, DUH" "the Salesian stud" or "founder of the Visitation Order, lived Jesus from 1572-1641" Wanna make it a partner costume? Grab a guy, and pair up as St. Jane De Chantal and St. Francis De Sales! This costume will not only inspire people to Live Jesus, but it will also give you major cool kid points!

2. A Harry Potter Wand

This past week, I have watched all seven of the Harry Potter movies-and I agree with most peoples statements about how they are amazing! But would Harry really be able to do his magic without his wand? In a way, the wand is the main character. Which is why, if your on a budget, be Harry Potter's wand! All you have to do is go outside, grab a stick that looks like a wand, give a whirl, and then tape it to your shirt. Your outfit is bound to be the center of all conversations for Halloween, and the weeks to come!

3. Group costume-shark week

Need a group costume?-This one is bound to cast a few giggles among the party! Grab a group of 7 friends and your favorite shark costumes, then each friend can be a day of the week. All together you and your friends would be-SHARK WEEK. Not only is this costume silly, but it can also be a little scary!!

4. Viz Owl

Want to dress as a smart, funny, fantastic role model? Dress as the Viz Owl! This costume will make your rizz charts go from -20 to 100000!!! Most of these owl costumes are a little pricy, about 400-500 dollars…but they are worth it!!! You will be wearing this costume to the grocery store, to bed, and to every party you go to in years to come. If you wear this costume 50 times, which you will, its basically only 10 dollars each time you wear it!

5. After all of these incredible costume options, if you are still stuck…I don’t know what to tell you, you're picky. All of the options above are the most incredible costumes I've seen thus far, so if you are still not sure of what to be, my only idea for you picky, boring Halloweeners is a witch. So have fun.


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