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Who is the Scariest Senior?

It is a time-honored tradition for the student body to vote on who is the Scariest Senior to walk the halls of Visitation Academy. It is an honor to even be nominated, and the few chosen as the top scariest seniors are thrilled to be considered intimidating to underclassmen. Make sure to check out the Vivette Times video to see the opinions of the students we surveyed in the hall, and to see an interview with our scariest senior, Marla Sprich!

Before we share the official list, here are some of our favorite responses:

"Maggie Mooney oOoooO Scaryyy!!! jk we love maggie"

"Katie Boland" or perhaps "katie Boling" or even "caty bolen"

"They are all nice!"

"Emma Scott (if she's a senior)"

"Honestly, all of the seniors that I've met are super nice. But Lauren is playing Miss Hannigan in the play, and she is acting super scary, so I vote for Lauren."

"Marla 100%"

"Maggie Mooney bc she is the only senior I know"

"Concetta Squitary"

"tilli colleen"

And now... the results! Below are all of the nominated seniors, whose names were sent in by students in grades 6-12.

1. Marla Sprich- 24

2. Annie Dolan- 22

3. Maggie Mooney- 15

4. Lauren Hagan, Emily LaMartina, Robbie Bisch- 7

5. Natalie Nuñez- 6

6. Karlie Ryan, Zoe Haley, Josephine Strauss, Tillie Killeen- 5

7. Ellie Kingston, Paige Troutman, Katie Bolin, Caroline Elsner- 4

8. Mason Lott, Bhuvana Vejandla, Faith Klakovich- 3

9. Rachel Surber, Emily Avery, Mae Phelan, Tori Burch, Wren Hartke, Ruth McKee, Lauren Vitale- 2

10. Mya Cineus, Sejal Sekhar (class of '23), Rosie McDaniel (class of '26), Concetta Squitieri (class of '21), Charlize Ponder, Emmy Hernandez, Cate Holland, Kristina Hohlt, Claire Cunningham, Lauren Hempstead, Mary Kramer, Ingrid Azrak, Georgia Frigo, Emma Scott, Lily Conley, Nora Huels, Maeve Fogarty, Astrid Smith- 1

*Scariest Senior is not an attempt to bully or put down other classmates. It is simply a fun tradition that highlights seniors, who get very excited to be nominated*


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