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  • Sejal Sekhar

2023 New Year Playlist

Imagine this: you are already 3 weeks into the new year and you proceed to get in the car to head to school. Before you reverse your car out of the garage, you cue your music for the ride when the unthinkable happens…you haven't made a 2023 playlist. Now, you may be asking yourself why this is such a big problem so I shall explain. You see, when you have not created a 2023 playlist, you cannot truly embrace the new year as you are stuck in 2022 based off your music. The moment you create a 2023 playlist, your energy is able to transfer into the new year and the promise of a great 2023 is guaranteed. But don't just take my word for it, take the word of the geniuses behind this concept, Claire Williams and Katherine Williams.

How to start:

First gather your closest friends, ones with good music taste of course. Then create a shared playlist on Spotify. If you have Apple Music, I think I should tell you it isn't the same so you can't participate. Sorry I don't make the rules, well I do but anyways. Then comes the hard part, determining the vibe you want. You are allowed one song to represent what you want from the New Year so CHOOSE WISELY. Let me tell you, it doesn't come easy. From personal experience I struggled, but that goes to show the gravity of the situation. If you are still stuck, have no fear, I will share a couple of current 2023 songs.

  1. Starting off with a winner is Jacie Tottleben's 2023 song: P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson

  1. Another solid pick goes to Niki Thoman with the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

As you can see, Michael Jackson songs are dominating the ranks for 2023 songs and honestly I am here for it.

Since you the rules forbid using someone else's song, I have composed a list of songs that are up for grabs:

  1. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood: A classic blend of country and pop that gets the whole crowd going, a top draft so pick it quick

  2. One, Two Step by Ciara: No description needed….

  3. Elevate by BTR: A nice little throwback to reminisce on the good old days while simultaneously taking your new year to the next level

  4. Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners: Personally this was my second choice so I think this is a great candidate for anyone looking to blend the old with the new for 2023.

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