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Come See Blue Stockings!

Which would you choose? Love or knowledge? Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale is the story of four young women studying in 1896 at Girton Girls' College in Cambridge. As they learn and grow, they also make acquaintances, fall in love, and have amusing adventures. Along with the individual tales of these girls, the show dives into the history of women's education, and the Girton women's fight to be allowed to graduate. Visitation Academy's theatre is ramping up to perform this amazing show this weekend!! Make sure to buy your in person tickets here: and your virtual tickets here: Please come and support our Viz girls in cast and crew (and our friends from other schools) this weekend. There are three performances: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm. To meet some of the cast, check out our video (Viz Theatre Presents: Blue Stockings) in conjunction with @viztheatre and follow the @viztheatre's Instagram page!


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