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Confessions of a High School Senior

By Bailey McGartland '20

Senior year is here. You’re eager to have your last first day of high school. Let’s be honest, you’re excited to experience every last moment. Your last Fall Fest, Viz Priory dance, Just Because Day. You’re especially looking forward to Field Day and Prom. And of course, there is graduation and Maypole, something you’ve dreamed of since arriving at Viz. It’s a special year because it honors everything you’ve worked for, or so hard on, during high school. Former seniors have stated it’s the best year, and you can’t wait to start yours. I have to confess, senior year is not all that great. Very early on, much earlier than it should be, you come down with an illness potentially worse than COVID-19. It’s called senioritis. You lack the motivation to complete schoolwork even though your teachers are counting on you to. Also, you’re are expected to decide a huge part of your future at only 17 or 18. The college process is stressful, but you’ve dealt with stress before. It’s more that the intenseness never fades, following you everywhere, even after all your college applications are in. Besides stress, you also carry a weight of bitter-sweetness and nostalgia, maybe for things that haven’t even occurred yet. You’re sad you’ll be leaving your best pals soon and your last event is actually the last one you’ll ever experience. Things are so hard you find yourself wishing first semester away, but then begging second semester to stay. I have to confess, senior year is over glorified. The truth is you will have one of the best years of your life, but it won’t be perfect. This year, I have made incredible memories with some of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. I’ve made new friends and become even closer with old ones. I’ve loved taking deep naps in the Slounge or laughing a little too hard in Jane’s Place when I should be studying. I’ve loved being a senior just because it feels good to have seniority. However, it’s not always unsurpassable. Right now, I should be thriving during my final quarter, but it seems the climax of senior year has been stripped away from me. Therefore, I implore you to make the best of every moment and take nothing for granted. Those are your final days at Viz, make each one count. One last confession: Class of 2020 you have my heart <3


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