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Fall Fashion

By Kaitlyn Berger '21

It's fitting that my first article officially on the Vivette Times team is another edition of my fashion trends spotlight. With fall slowly approaching, Senior Photo season comes as well. To my fellow seniors out there: don't stress about your outfits! It's most important to be true to yourself with your style, but you can never go wrong with these fall favorites.

Jewel Tones

Every time fall rolls around the leaves change colors, and our clothes do the same. Burgundy, emerald, gold, and teal are staple hues to have in your fall wardrobe that you can't go wrong with in the chilly months. When in doubt, take a look outside and match your outfit to the trees!


Remember cutting up the bottom of your t-shirts for DIY fringe as a kid? Get ready, because fringe is back. This funky embellishment adds a little spice to any lacking outfit. My personal favorite pieces are jackets with fringed sleeves, but make this trend your own!


Don’t worry, this trend isn’t as difficult as the online Acellus geometry course. You don’t need to understand SOHCAHTOA to participate. Mix up your style by adding any shape-filled pattern to your closet, right angles or otherwise.


Chilly weather calls for warmer clothes, so fur is a practical option for your fall wardrobe. There are plenty of options when it comes to patterns, colors, and styles of faux fur. A fun fur jacket can make a plain outfit completely new.


My final fall trend is one we all should know very well, some of us all our lives. It’s finally time to put our polos to good use! I’ve seen so many cute ways to put a spin on the “preppy uniform” look, but here are the basics: skirt, polo, and crewneck. Sound familiar?


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