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Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas Social-Distance Style

By Ellie Kingston '22

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate the holiday season while staying Covid-safe!

Host a cookie decorating challenge over Zoom

Gather your friends and baking supplies for a zoom bake off. Allow yourselves 15 minutes to decorate your cookie however you like before presenting it to the group, and vote on a winner afterwards. Even if you don’t win, you still get a cookie!

Zoom Secret Santa

Draw names out of a hat and write down nice things about the person you chose. Ten minutes later, take turns reading what you all wrote. This is a great way to show appreciation to others and get into the holiday spirit!

See the Christmas Lights

Drive around town looking at light displays with your friends in your separate cars. It’s not only a great way to shamelessly blast Christmas music, but also to feel the Christmas cheer.

Snowball Fight

If the weather allows, meet some friends in a large, snowy area (but wear your masks!). Draw boxes in the snow ten feet apart as bases, then start making snowballs. After everyone is ready, let the snowballs fly for a socially-distanced snowball fight. Just remember to stay in your base.


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