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Homecoming Season

As we all know, we are in the final stretch of homecoming season. There are many important things that girls across the entire country consider for homecoming every single year. Should you bring a date? Where should you get your dress from? What color should you get your nails? Should you get a spraytan? How should you do your hair? This can add even more stress to a teenage girl's already stressful life. Here are my opinions about preparing for homecoming, or any dance, and how to make it as fun as possible. One of my favorite things about going to dances is meeting groups of new people. Even though it can be extremely awkward, especially when everyone meets for the first time to take pictures and eat dinner, there is always a special bond created with someone that you meet at a dance that is like no other. Sometimes, it is stressful deciding who to bring and spend an entire night with. Bringing someone from another school can always be a fun way to get to know someone better. If you can't think of anyone to bring, going with a group of your close friends can be just as fun. Another big stressor when it comes to dances is finding a dress. This can be super difficult. You want to find something that is cute but also appropriate for a school dance, which can be very hard to find. I try to look for dresses as far out in advanced as possible. First I look in person at places such as Splash and Cha boutique. If looking in person does not work, resulting to online shopping is the next best thing. Lulu's, Revolve, Lucy in the Sky, and Princess Polly can all be great options. If you order a dress online and it does not fit, borrowing from a friend could always work! As homecoming season slowly comes to a close, I hope that you can use my advice for help now and in the future. Homecoming and many other dances, like prom and winter formals, can create lasting memories. Hopefully everyone remembers the fun times they had and not the stress that occurred before. Since Viz doesn't have their own homecoming, take these tips and get a headstart on planning for VP!


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