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How to Get a Priory Boy as a Date

Written by: The Priory RECORD Editors

Now securing a date from Priory for Viz-Priory may be harder than ever this year. Priory’s world renowned hockey team has a game at the same time as VP. Hockey sales are booming while VP ticket sales are lacking. Now you may wonder, why is this?

  1. Priory students are economical. We rather pay $5 to go watch an exhilarating hockey game with our brothers than pay $15 per ticket to a dance. In addition to the ticket cost, dinner is another $60. Lastly, the corsage costs almost $30. After some simple math, this equates to approximately $120.

  2. Priory guys look for uniqueness. We don’t want our dates picking us up in their white Wrangler or white Volvo XC-60. Come check out the Priory parking lot, no car repeats.

  3. Lastly, Priory guys are tired. We want to be asked. The guys always ask for every dance. This is your opportunity to change that. When we get asked, we will be the most chivalrous gentleman in Saint Louis, but until then we are studying hard in the library.

Now it is 2021, so ladies, who will step up to bring the much needed change to this one sided system.


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