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Jewelry by Ellie STL

I interviewed Ellie Hunter, the owner of Jewelry By Ellie STL about what it was like to run her business, as well as some other information about her company and its creation. Her jewelry is amazing, and you can shop here to purchase: A note from Ellie: "Hi! My name is Ellie Hunter, and I started Jewelry by Ellie at 14. It started as a way to kill time during COVID, but grew to be something I really enjoy doing. At first, I was delivering small bracelets and necklaces to friends at school, but I slowly started to branch out and see a bigger audience. I was looking for cheap high quality everyday jewelry, and I couldn't find anything that was my taste so I started to make my own!" INTERVIEW: Why did you decide to start your company? I started making jewelry for my friends during COVID, and I wanted to continue to do this, so I created an Instagram account and started taking orders for people in St. Louis. Who has been the biggest help in creating your company? My dad has been the biggest help in creating my company. He has had lots of good suggestions that lead to me growing my business. He helped me finish building my website last spring break and provided valuable feedback on my products. What was the biggest challenge you faced at the beginning? The biggest challenge in the beginning was producing an efficient method of managing and filling orders. After a few months of using my Instagram DMs, I decided to build my own website. What’s the process that happens from the time someone orders to the time they receive it? Whenever I receive an order, I first gather any jewelry I already have ready and package that up. Then I make any remaining items that could be customized in the order and add those to the package. Then I print a shipping label and mail the package off! How do you get all your jewelry? (Bought, made, etc.) Most of my jewelry I make by hand, but I buy the rings and earrings. I make the beaded bracelets and add any customizations. What’s your favorite part of owning your company? My favorite part of owning my own company is getting to see other people wearing the jewelry I made. I also really enjoyed working at fall fest. Is there anything else about your company that’s really interesting? I have shipped to 32 different states! Shop now and follow her Instagram for new drops! @jewelrybyelliestl


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