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Mia Claire's Confectionery

I interviewed Mia Tiburzi, a sophomore at Viz to get insight into how to run her small bakery, Mia Claire's Confectionary. What is the name of your small business? Mia Claire’s Confectionery. What type of products do you sell? Cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, and cake pops. What made you start the business/ how did you come up with the idea? I’ve always enjoyed baking and spending free time in the kitchen. I’ve watched many seasons of Kids Baking Championship. It is a way for me to show my creativity as well as challenge myself. It is my passion and I feel comfortable in the kitchen. It just kind of evolved over the years, the more I baked. What is the most crucial part of your business? The most crucial part of my baking business is the quality of my products. It is very important to me that my products both look and taste good. It is critical that my customers are happy with the final product and hopefully become a repeat customer. I am forever grateful to those who trust me to make them something for their special occasion. What is your favorite thing to make? My favorite thing to make are cakes because they allow me to have the most creativity with designs and flavors a customer may want. I am able to use my different skills with piping buttercream to molding fondant to create intricate and detailed designs. What are the most stressful parts of your business? Time management is definitely the most stressful part of my business. I always have a vision of how I want the final product to look. I am a perfectionist and sometimes I don’t realize just how long a certain design might take. Who helps you run your business or is it just you? It is just me who bakes and decorates all of the desserts, although my mom often helps me with packaging items and the dishes. What do you hope to accomplish with your business/ products you hope to add? I am always looking to better my baking skills. I am not afraid to try new techniques, designs, or flavors. This takes time and practice. I have always wanted to try a two tiered cake! What is your advice to people who want to start their own business? My advice to people who want to start their own business is to never give up and continue working to improve your skills and talents. Although not everything will always go as planned, that is perfectly fine and will allow you to learn from your mistakes. Always work hard because the more you practice, the better you will become!

See some of Mia's creations below and be sure to follower her instagram for more, @mia.c.baking


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