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  • Carlee Saur

Rating Different Quesos

One thing about me is that I love going to Mexican restaurants. Whenever I go to these restaurants, I always make sure to order chips and queso. Today I will be giving you my opinions on different queso in STL.


  1. El Maguey



El Maguey is a staple for many lovers of Mexican food. With many different locations, the classic restaurant is easily accessible. I think that El Maguey is a reliable restaurant with reasonable prices. Although this is true, depending on the location, sometimes the queso can be hit or miss. I give El Maguey's queso a 6/10.


2. Charro Mexican Restaurant


Although it is somewhat underground, Charro is one of my favorite restaurants. The family environment is always very welcoming and the workers are always incredibly kind. I can always count on Charro to provide me delicious food to eat with friends and family. I would rate Charro's queso a 8/10.


3. Rosalita's Cantina

The well-loved restaurant across all of St. Louis will not disappoint. Rosalita's is a beautiful restaurant with an incredible environment both indoors and outdoors. Along with this, their food is amazing. I have never been disappointed by their queso. I would rate Rosalita's queso a 10/10.


4. El Burro Loco


El Burro Loco is an incredible establishment. The restaurant's environment is always incredibly lively, and it is impossible to become bored. The queso can be top tier. While this is true, it can sometimes be hit or miss, depending on the business. I rate El Burro Loco's queso a 7.5/10.


I hope you enjoyed my rating of different quesos across St. Louis. I hope that you can now grow inspired to branch out and try somewhere new. Happy eating!


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