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Senior Reflection

By Julia Joseph '21

As a kid, I thought my first day of senior year would look just like a cliché coming-of-age film: I would step out of my red Lambo and confidently swagger to the senior hall, towering over the miserably outshined underclassmen. Countless friends trailing behind me, I’d strut into my first period AP rocket science class and drape my perfectly-proportioned legs over a chair, sighing contentedly. Life is good, I’d think, and it’s even better for a senior.

This is not what ensued.

My last first day was mostly spent staring at a screen from underneath my weighted blanket while my cat popped in and out of frame, eliciting squeals from a cluster of tiny zoom windows. Although the day was less than exciting, it was more than relaxing, particularly because I worked from the comfort of my own house. Something that greatly aided my studies was my desk, which I had reorganized to accommodate the requirements of online schooling months ago.

Here’s a tour…

On the right are my school necessities: a jar of pens and pencils, notecards, loose-leaf, a calculator, and of course, my Nintendo switch. A few fidget toys, my trinkets, and my terrible little demon doll Lasagna lie on the left. Behind the desk is my window, which I like to keep open during the day to assert my dominance over the neighborhood squirrels. My mirror is also helpful so I can tuck away any loose hairs before going on zoom.


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