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"So, what college are you going to?"

By Jane Miller '20

"So, where are you thinking of going to college?" "What's your top choice?"

Typically followed up by a lengthy and stress inducing conversation along with a healthy dose of unsolicited advice, this question is all too familiar to high school seniors. The Common Application opens on August 1st, and from that moment on, it seems that all boundaries disappear. Family and friends, young and old, approach seniors with these daunting questions on a very regular basis. "It feels like a daily reminder of how many things I have to do. It's like asking how many kids you want," Caroline Hanzlik 12, says. The question is deeply personal to some students, especially if they feel like they are applying to 'reach schools' they may not receive admission to. Choosing a college is a difficult decision contingent on multiple different factors, and hearing advice from so many different people can make the process more complicated.

With that being said, the question is rarely posed with malicious intent. "A lot of times it's just adults trying to be nice and make conversation, but they don't fully understand the stress that question brings," Caroline Williams 12, explains. Senior year is an exciting time, with so many changes and opportunities on the horizons, and adults want to be included in all that excitement. With the holidays just around the corner, seniors are sure to face the inevitable college question more than ever before. Prepare ahead of time what you want to say and face the question with a positive attitude.


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