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  • Mary Kramer

Spirit Week: A Run-Down

Viz Vacation

Spirit week is all about showing our school spirit, and we want the main focus to be showing spirit and charism not just in our Viz community but everywhere. We do this to help remind us that while we have fun celebrating everything that is Viz, it is still our mission to spread love in our community just as Saint Jane and Saint Francis did throughout their lives. So as a part of spirit week, we pick a specific charity to give all of our profits to. All of the funds from our dress down days, spirit recycle, and more will be given directly to the charity. 

This year the spirit week theme is Viz goes Vacay! The spirit executives for middle school to seniors picked their individual class theme.

Middle School – STL Staycation

Freshmen – Ski trip, Mountain Monday

Sophomore – Beach vacation, Tropical Tuesday

Juniors – Safari vacation, Wild Wednesday

Seniors – City vacation, Tourist Thursday

Spirit executives for each grade decorate their hallway to their specific grade level theme with locker decorations, wall murals, door decorations, and even a banner.

During Spirit Week, there are many opportunities to get involved with the viz community starting with our pep rally on Friday January 28th during advisory.

  • Pep rally January 28th with owl introducing spirit people, sports, and theatre

  • Hallway decorating after school January 28th 3-5 and then 10-3 on Saturday January 29th with pizza, add sign-up sheet

Spirit week itself January 31- Feb 4th

  • Themed dress down for every day, pay $2 per day and $5 for the whole week. The dress down days are Mountain Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, Tourist Thursday and Red and White Friday (AFTER MASS).

  • Selling themed to the day snacks. Snowball cake balls made by sophomore mia. Popsicles on Tuesday for the beach on tropical Tuesday. Smores mix (golden grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips) for camping on wild Wednesday. Macaroons for Paris on tourist Thursday.

  • We will also be selling secondhand spirit wear during lunch. We do this so new and younger viz girls can refresh their viz wardrobe, we are allowed to wear a spirit shirt on Mondays or show your spirit outside of school. Spirit recycle is a way to reuse old shirts and sweatshirts instead of throwing them out.

All of these fun, spirited activities leads up to the homecoming game which takes place on February 4th. The Junior Varsity game is at 4:30 with a halftime line dance by the 7th grade. After the JV game is the Varsity game at 6:00 with a halftime show from the cheerleaders and a senior line dance.


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