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The Official Rankings of Snapchat's Seasonal Fonts

By Bella Leonard '21

Some of you may know me as Bella Leonard, senior, Co-project manager, president of thespians, and a whole other list of titles I proudly earned, however, what I am truly known for amongst those that personally know me is my deep passion for Snapchat's seasonal fonts. I have kept a running list since their debut, and I shall provide my full list of rankings, with my reasonings behind each ranking. My rankings will be listed worst to best.

16. Pride

Oh boy, pride you sure were a mess. I could literally not understand a single thing sent to me in this font.

15. Saint Patrick's Day

I remember vividly when this font appeared: it was the Thursday before the dreaded Friday the 13th, and when I saw this font I remember thinking to myself "this couldn't get any worse." Oh silly, silly Bella. Anyways, this font was horrendous, the one good thing was that it allowed us to type in uppercase, but everything was in cursive so it read weird and was hard to interpret.

14. Thanksgiving

Oh you. How I despise you. Those that know me already know my distain for Thanksgiving, but for my fans that know me from a distance: I believe Thanksgiving to be one of the most overrated holidays I have ever witnessed an American celebrate. Where is the fun? Where is the flavor? Where is the historically accurate portrayal? The answer for these three questions is the same: nowhere. This font reminds me of Thanksgiving and why I do not like it: it is bland, funky (and in a bad way) and just overall meh.

13. Merry Christmas

I really did vibe with this one for 2.5 seconds and then it got old really fast. It should have been renamed "Harry Potter" because it is literally the same font. It's fine, but my one issue is the original color is the only way to read it, the second you change its color it becomes impossible to read.

12. We're in this Together

Oh look, it's Snapchat pulling an "Imagine" by making a bland font about how "we all are experiencing the same lockdown." No ma'am I do not like this font or this lazy way of acting like you are ~similar~ to the common American. It's also another font that is only legible in its original colors.

11. Autumn

I honestly do not know why this font isn't ranked lower, maybe it's because of my absolute hatred for the other ones, but this font is doing nothing for me. This does not give me fall vibes, it gives me Wild West meets kindergarteners trying to color between the lines. Over it.

10. 'Tis the Season

Oh you. I am sorry you are ranked so low but it's just because Snapchat really upped their game. I loved this font, it is so cute and you can easily read it no matter the color. I really do like this font but wow the other ones get so much better.

9. Spring

I really did like Spring for about a month but the thing is Snapchat has a pesky habit of leaving seasonal fonts up too long. I want to miss the font once it is gone not pray that the font disappears the next day. I loved Spring in the beginning it gave me fairy vibes and it was the perfect font to lighten my spirits after lockdown season 1 ended.

8. Happy New Year

I would sell my soul to feel the way I felt when this font came out. I would live my life so differently. This font also has a special meaning because it was out when my family got our puppy, Mimi. Anyways, I really do vibe, it works with any color applied and it is gorgeous.

7. Birthday

Oh how I wish I had this font for a little longer. This font only appears on your birthday, but somehow I didn't get it until 3pm on my special day. Either way, I was so impressed and surprised. It was so girly and fun to use, it was like spring but more pink and swirly.

6. Vote

Ah yes, my favorite way to encourage students into doing their civic duty: through snapchat fonts. Seriously though I loved this font, it was so easy to read. My one note was that it was in all caps so it came off as too strong in certain times, but other times I felt that the all caps was necessary. Very much patriotic and I am not complaining.

5. Summer

Now THIS was a seasonal font I could get behind. I really did like this font, it spoke to me. It was so funky and although the letters themselves were in all caps, it was really easy to read and they were not as bold as Vote, which is why Summer is higher.

4. Halloween

This font had me a little worried. I really did vibe with the drippy effect, but it came out like three weeks before Halloween. With all those things being said I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday, so I was extremely pumped to see it so early.

3. Love (Valentine's Day)

I LOVED THIS FONT. I could not get enough of this font. It was so adorable. The original pink color and the fact it is legible in all colors? Love. The classic shape of each character? Love. The overall vibes? Love. I was so obsessed with this font.

2. 4th of July

A beautiful font. It turned me into the biggest patriot. The legibility *chef's kiss.* The fact that the white letters stayed the same but the cool outlines changed when you changed the color *chef's kiss.* Overall, I loved this font. My one complaint is that it was only live on the 3rd of July and the 4th of July. Why is it that Snapchat leaves all the mediocre fonts up longer than their stellar fonts?

And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for. My personal favorite and the font I know is the best font Snapchat has put out there.

1. Spooky (the original Halloween font)

Words cannot describe how much I love this font. Fun fact, on my birthday Snapchat re-debuted this font for this year and I threw myself on my floor and cried tears of joy. Spooky was the first seasonal font Snapchat released and they cannot top themselves. The overall vibes are impeccable with this font. You can read anything with this font and it is so darn cute. I could write forever. Like I said before, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and wow did this font do that wonderful holiday justice.

And there it is: my complete list of Snapchat font rankings! It is not 1:42 am. My eyes are starting to cross and my head slightly hurts so I am going to go to bed and pray that what I just typed is readable. Anyways Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe!


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