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TikTok Tips

By Olivia Ketcherside '22

Tiktok is one of the most popular forms of social media for today's teenagers. However, like most forms of social media, Tiktok can be used as a tool. In addition to funny and entertaining videos, there are also math lessons, beginner recipes, helpful pieces of advice, video editing tutorials, and more. The wide range of topics and skill level of videos allows for a diverse platform for learning. Trends emerge from unexplored topics, making the platform even more accessible to teens. I think the most useful videos are about something that simplifies a topic that I find difficult: math. There are so many math teachers on the platform that there is an abundance of help when I need it. I also love watching simple recipe videos that could easily be made for a family dinner or meal prep for lunches. All of the videos attached below are lessons that can be utilized in everyday life.


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