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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day coming quickly, one big question many couples have is what to get each other for a gift. Gifts are perfect for showing your date how much you care for them. However when it comes to finding the right gift, it can become a lot harder. Custom gifts often feel more heartfelt, but can also be difficult to create while gifts such as chocolate and flowers can sometimes be seen as classic. As always, love letters/cards are always cute along with a gift. So if you’re struggling to find the perfect romantic, sweet, or unique gift for your SO, here is a list of gifts for him or her.

For Him:

  • Chocolate/candy (Buy their favorite kind!)

  • Bake a dessert (If you want to go further than store-bought treats, maybe bake something for him)

  • Favorite type of clothing (such as a shirt, hat, quarter zip, ect.)

  • Plan a night out (If he usually plans a lot of the dates, maybe surprise him for a change)

For Her:

  • Flowers (A good idea to make this more personalized is to buy their favorite type of flower)

  • Jewelry (Another classic, but make sure that it has meaning to it and that the person will actually wear it)

  • Blanket/squishmallow (what other way to warm a girl’s heart)

  • Custom gifts (Things such as a favorite picture in a frame, Spotify song scan plaque, explosion picture box, etc.)

No matter what gift you decide to give, make sure that it comes from your heart. Even popular gifts can have a lot of meaning if you make it special. Also, if you still can’t decide after all these ideas. Sometimes a dinner out or a new date idea is just the gift you might be looking for. And for all the single people out there; don’t feel shy to go and buy a gift for yourself. After all Valentine’s Day is about love, whether its for yourself or your date. So go and make this year’s Valentine’s especially sweet!


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