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  • Jessica Martin

Vietnamese Christmas Traditions

We all love Christmas because of the traditions we have, whether that be going to midnight mass or baking an endless amount of cookies. Christmas between our families and our friends’ families are generally fairly similar, but have you ever wondered what Christmas is like halfway across the world compared to here? Well wonder no more because below is an interview with Chaminade junior from Vietnam, Lan Nguyen about Christmas traditions in Vietnam! Is Christmas a big deal in Vietnam? “Well Vietnamese don’t see it as a religious holiday in the culture, we still go to school but people just hangout together for the sake of Christmas.” Do you go to mass to celebrate Christmas? “Yes, for my family, we go to mass on Christmas Day.” What do you know about Santa? “We all know that Santa is from the north pole, but we don’t know about the elves and houses don’t do chimneys, fires or stockings.” Do you have Christmas music? “The music is pretty good, we have the same songs, just we made a Vietnamese version to it.” Do you have any standard meals/dishes/desserts made specifically for Christmas? “It depends on the family, our family just randomly decided to do chicken curry one year and it’s been like that forever.”


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