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What Owning Up Means to Me

By Lydia Wiley '25

Owning Up is a program used at Viz in 7th and 8th grade. It helps guide us through relationships and social issues. Our middle school counselor, Mrs. Giljum, holds sessions with us every other week. Recently we explored the topic of problem solving and conflict resolution with friends. Having a conflict with a close friend is hard, but during Owning Up I learned how to work through the issues. We learned techniques on good communication, sometimes through role play. Mrs. Giljum explained how to address the problem rather than ignoring it, which isn’t always easy to do. Our lessons makes it a little bit easier. I know improving my communication with friends will be important as our friendships grow closer, and I’m thankful to Viz and Mrs. Giljum for giving us this opportunity to understand how important our friends are in our lives.


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