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  • Abby Roy

2023 Volleyball Lineup

This season on varsity we have five seniors, five juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen. Starting off with our seniors we have Lily Cofer as a 5’9 outside hitter. Next, we have Brooke Menke as a 5’7 libero, then we have Carlee Saur as our 5’10 middle hitter. Our last two seniors are Tori Brennan who is a 5’5 right side hitter, and finally Abby Roy as a 5’4 defensive specialist. The seniors are excited for their last ride not only together but with the whole program. They have all been with the program for all four years of high school and not only grown as players but people throughout their time in Viz Volleyball. It’s bittersweet but they can’t wait to spend it with everyone. This year’s senior captions are Lily Cofer and Brooke Menke, and they are ready to help lead this team to victory. Now for our juniors, first up is Evangelia Bonifacio who is a 5’6 outside hitter, then we have Giada Staley as a 5’8 middle hitter. Our next juniors are Audrey Sprich, she’s a 5’7 defensive specialist, and Morgan Dalebout a 5’6 setter. The last junior on the team is Anna Mccarthy a 5’5 outside hitter. The juniors this year are putting in work everyday as next year will be their last time and they are getting ready to lead the time next year. For our sophomores we have Sofia Gunther a 5’7 outside hitter and Audrey Piontek a 5’5 setter. Finally, we have our two freshman, Savy Raphael a 5’7 middle and Mia Moore a 5’6 middle hitter. Our underclassman are building off their skills everyday and becoming better volleyball players every day. The team has been putting in a great amount of work in everyday, they are growing as a team every minute. The program is trying to build the dynasty for the future of Viz, not only do the coaches try to instill volleyball skills but also life lessons. They learned about something called BCD, which stands for blame, complain, and defend. The coaches make sure the girls know that once a situation occurs on or off the court, they shouldn’t look at the negative sides of it but look on how they can fix their mistakes moving forwards. They also make sure the girls know that what they are doing is a team sport and they can’t just focus on themselves during matches or even practice. Their outlook is that they are a ship trying to move forward and if the ship gets an anchor (someone focusing on themselves) then it will only pull the team down instead of moving forward. All the girls are very excited for the season and cannot wait for what the future holds for them!


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