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  • Maggie Mooney

Signing Off

As the end of senior year quickly approaches, I am very anxious to be over with many of the cumbersome things that come with high school. Many chapters are closing, bringing me great sadness, and finishing my year as project manager of the Vivette Times might be the most tragic one yet. Over the past two years, I have put countless hours into creating content for the site, hyping the site up over announcements, writing articles, and editing videos. This year specifically, I had the opportunity to lead a phenomenal team of 14 hard-working, driven, and creative students who drastically improved the Vivette Times. Our articles and podcast view counts reached new highs (reaching up to over 1,000 views on Emma Winter's "The Real Hype of Chick-fil-a" article) and the site and social media were refreshed with cute graphics, frequently updated photos, and eye-catching posts that popped up in our feeds. Each of these girls put in great effort, and I am truly grateful to all of them. For me personally, I learned a great deal from my position of leadership. Working in a professional environment with classmates so close in age and friendship proved to be a much bigger challenge than expected. With Mrs. Andrews as my mentor, I was able to navigate smoothly and gain many valuable skills that will benefit me greatly as I begin my adult(ish) life. Although I did not have a chance to create as much content as I did last year, I was able to create Maggie in the Halls. This not only got me recognized by various students and parents in and outside of school but created a stronger sense of community in which girls were excited to both be featured and view the latest episode. Even our principal Mr. Murray appears in a few episodes! I've been so blessed to have such a good group of girls this year and a supportive moderator. I am very sad to be leaving the Vivette Times behind, but I am excited for my new chapter next year at Baylor to begin!


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