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  • Emma Winter

Signing Off

Man, oh man what a year it has been. I started this long journey on the website sophomore year making videos and taking notes. Now leading my senior year, a team of sophisticated and upbeat young ladies. Opening senior year up I was ready for any challenges and the road to graduation seemed far away. As we met at each meeting ideas flooded the rooms. I had many memorable parts of my senior year such as DJing the Viz Bash or taking home the trophy for Dancing With the Teachers. I could go on and on about how great my senior year was at Viz. My classmates and the morning class that brought me so much joy. As we end the year strong on a bagel party, I look back at all the memories made. Inside the classroom and cooking up articles. It truly was a treat to be able to lead this group of people and make such masterpieces and works of art (shoutout our tik tok that blew up). If there is anything I would like to leave you with its this; get involved, cherish the memories, and never forget your Viz girls. This is Emma officially signing off. Thank you it has been a treat. If you ever need to find me I’ll probably be on the pickleball courts.


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