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  • Adele Finney

Top 4 worst exams I have had to take

As I finish up my junior year of high school here at Viz, I thought that I would run through the 4 hardest/worst exams I have had to take here at Viz (most of them being in my junior year). Through this I hope I can offer some advice (and anxiety) to those to are taking these courses next year. I will also be ranking the following exams 1-10 (10 being the hardest)


  1. Freshman Year Biology Midterm- 7.5/10

This exam was particularly hard because I had never taken a class like Mrs. Benigno' s before and it was difficult to adjust to it. While it was a while ago, I do remember looking at pig parts over and over to memorize them, which was brutal. By the next semester I had her class down to a science (pun intended) and I did significantly better on her final. Also, her class prepared me extremely well for junior year AP Bio.

  1. Junior Year AP Bio Midterm- 9.5/10

This exam was the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. It was horrible. I did very well on it…but at what price? My biggest advice for this class is KEEP EVERYTHING because you don’t want to spend precious studying time working on your binder, begging girls to send you photos from past labs.

  1. Dissoi Logoi CC English Midterm Paper-8.0/10

The feeling when I finally submitted this paper…words cannot describe. I poured my heart and soul into this 11 page paper over MONTHS and MONTHS. It gets a 8/10 only for the amount of work, it was extremely time consuming. I had also never done an English paper like this one before, so it was all new. But Mrs. Shortt is an excellent teacher, and she helped me throughout the writing process. My advice for girls taking her class is to chose a topic that interests you for this paper. My topic was family farming, which I know sounds so boring, but it really interested me, which made the writing process much easier.


This one is a shocker, primarily because language exams are usually not as hard as core subject exams. Furthermore Madame Marquart prepares us for our exams extremely well-and usually does not make the exams unnessicary difficult at all. The reason why I usually do worst on these French exams is because I underestimate them. I usually only study for a few hours the night before and even then I am more worried about another subject such as math or science. My advice towards underclassmen, and myself, is to not underestimate these language exams. They are still assessments, and there are ways to better prepare yourself (like not waiting till the last minute).


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