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  • Adele Finney

St. Patrick's Day

Being an Irish Catholic girl in St. Louis there is not a single holiday that I feel more connected to that St. Patrick's Day. Seeing everyone in green at the Dogtown Parade fills my green heart with glee. Not only do I feel a connection to St. Patty's because of my heritage, but also because of my family and friends. My brother's birthday is on St. Pattys, and I always have memories of going to the parade, and coming home to my moms delicious corned beef and potatoes. One of my best friends, Kathleen Reed, is also ginger and does irish dance. It was incredible to see her on St. Paddys, in her natural state among so many gingers. Waking up on St. Patricks day in her household, where everyone is ginger except for her dad, was amazing. Obviously going to the parade is so much fun, getting candy and beads throw at you and trying to find the closest bathroom in Dogtown. When I went to bed that Sunday night, I felt like I had succeeded what my ancestors had wanted me to accomplish. And of course, I wore green all day, I am not going to get pinched!!


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