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  • Abby Winter

AirPods vs. Beats

I'm a big music listener. I like to enjoy my tunes periodically throughout the day. This also means I have cycled through many different types of headphones, from wired apple headphones, to wireless Bluetooth beats, and the classic air pods and airpod pros.

Many people ask me, "Abby which type of headphone do you prefer?", which has led me to go through the indefinite pros and cons of this advanced wireless technology.


Beats cons:

  • A bit chunky: if I want to fall asleep to my tunes in a room full of loud people, it is hard to sleep on my preferred left side due to the bulkiness and uncomfortableness these headphones give me.

  • Pain: after hours of prolonged use, these start to make the outside of my ears feel heavy and have a ringing pain on the outside.

  • Together: I either have to be all in or all out when listening to my tunes. I can't just have the music going through one ear while I have a conversation or go on with my day without looking stupid by having one ear covered but the other one isn't

Beats pros:

  • Stability: when I workout, they do not fall off my head, and I am fully locked into my music.

  • Quality: good quality sound, especially if I want to tune everyone around me out, because they are noise cancelling.

  • Battery life: Last a very long time after being charged


Airpod cons:

  • Security: They fall out of ears if not secure

  • Battery Life: Battery does not last more than day when charged

  • Small size: Easy to lose because of their small size, also very easy to get mixed up with other people's

  • Pain: they can cause a pain on the inside of the ear after hours of prolonged use


Airpod pros:

  • Small size: Small size makes it easy to listen to music without people noticing

  • Flexibility: Can listen to a song in one ear and not the other, allowing background noise

  • Many options: Different kinds of audio settings, noise control, clear, or stabilize

  • Easy to sleep in: Can fall asleep with them in, because they are so small I am able to sleep on my preferred left side and have the airpod in my right ear, allowing me to fall asleep to my calming playlist








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