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Kate's Take on Basketball

By KateRestovich '23

Hello! I am Kate Restovich, a member of our Visitation Basketball team. I am a freshman and although some things are still new to me, this basketball team has made me feel at home. I have loved playing basketball with our team this year and seeing our growth throughout this season, especially since our very first time playing together in the summer. But we couldn’t have had such a fun season without the help of our amazing seniors! Shoutout to Ava, Ari, and Julia.

The real reason I’m here, though, is to tell you all about some of our crazy team’s crazy moments! From Homecoming Night, to Senior Night, and you can’t forget some funny team bonding memories from this year, we’ve had a full season of great times. Recently was the Homecoming Game, which was a ton of fun. Our preparation for that game really helped us come out strong right at the tipoff (which Ava WON) and I’d say to everyone on the team that we all really did “Play Like Champions” that day. Being a freshman, and the first-time experience I had at that game was awesome! Seeing everyone in the crowds and all the support pouring out from the Viz community will be something I’ll never forget.

On the court and off, this team has stuck together through the wins and losses. But I can’t leave out one of the most important parts of our game day routine and the thing that makes me laugh the most. Whether in the team room, or in the other teams’ locker rooms, we never miss the chance to play Melo Ball 1. We always play this song before our games because it really gets us hyped, especially Ava. Overall, I’d like to say thank you to my teammates, coaches, and all who’ve helped us this season, but…. we still got more so let’s do this!


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