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  • Hanlon Rhodes

Back to School Fashion

It's back to school season which means lots of new fashion trends are coming our way. If you are looking for a guide to all the latest "Back To School Trends" then look no further! Here are some tips to make you the trendiest, coolest, and most unique girl in school. First, backpacks. When it comes to backpacks, the possibilities are endless. But if you really want to stand out in the halls this school year, we recommend the TechProducts 360 17" Quad Pack in the color black. Not only will you be the only girl in school with this rad backpack, but you will also have a safe place to store your laptop. How nice! Next, outfits. Outfits are hard. There are so many different combinations to go with. Our expert recommendation for this school year is to keep it classy with a good old plaid skirt and polo. You simply can’t go wrong. Your friends will be amazed at your aesthetic cottage-core outfit and you will gain some major points in the uniqueness category. Pro tip: if you get cold, make sure to layer up with a nice cozy sweatshirt--but make sure the sweatshirt has your school name so everyone can see that you've got spirit! Another important element of back to school fashion is shoes. When it comes to shoes, you can hardly go wrong. However, in our experience, you want to try to find shoes that no one has made popular yet so YOU can be the trend-setter. For the 2021-2022 school year our team recommends the Nike Air Force 1 tennis shoes. Not only are they lightweight and stylish, but also are very underground. We can guarantee that only 3% of your school's student body owns these shoes. Why not join them? To conclude, the fashion trends of this school year can make or break whether or not you get into college, so make sure to follow our expert advice. We can 100% guarantee that you will stand out if you follow all of our detailed advice. We wish you a happy and successful school year!


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