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  • Caroline Riley

Bad Traffic

Have you recently gotten a demerit from being late to school all because of the backed up traffic? Well I have too. In the past 2 weeks my normal 10 minute trip to school has been extended to 25 minutes all because of some silly traffic. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. Whether you take I-64, 270, Ballas Rd, or even Clayton Rd. to school, somehow, they all seem to find a way to get backed up. I've even tried taking different routes to avoid hitting the stubborn traffic but it always seems to find a way to ruin my day. The construction on I-64 has been going on way too long. I mean what are they even fixing? I sure don't appreciate having to go 15 miles an hour on the highway everyday when I am driving to school. I am tired of having to wake up and leave at least 10 minutes early every day just to avoid being late. I just sure hope the traffic clears up soon so I can actually start getting places on time.


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