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Bella's First Semester Senior Reflection

By Bella Leonard '21

I am currently writing this at 9:01 pm on Tuesday, December 8, aka the night before this is due. I would formally apologize to my editors Maggie and Julia whichever of you two has the misfortune of editing this piece for me. I joined Emerging Media last year because of my heightened passion for telling stories and writing. My regret is not joining sooner, but here I am now as one of the heads of the class that taught me my passion in life, and inspired me to choose my major.

I would like to start out by saying that my mission, as well as Anna's, was to bring tough discussion articles to the Vivette Times. Neither of us realized how big of an undertaking this would actually be and we are slowly teaching ourselves as well as our team how to address uncomfortable topics, and the important role administration has. I am really proud of the team we have and the work everyone has put in. Moving on for next semester, I would like to focus on Emerging Media as a whole and not just the article aspect. If anything, I wish to make Emerging Media THE class everyone wants to be in and is fighting to be enrolled in. This class taught me a lot about myself, my patience, and the importance of collaboration and teamwork, and I look forward to next semester and all the work we have to get done. Now with all that being said, I am very excited to take a three week hiatus from VT.


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