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  • Anna Huber

Best Christmas Movies

Hello Vivettes! The Holiday season has just begun! I am so excited for Christmas and for all of the festivities that come along with Christmas. One of the best festivities to do around the holiday season is watching Christmas movies. I love watching as many Christmas movies as I can in the short time that we are "supposed" to be watching them. I have seen so many that you can take my word on the suggestions that I am about to give you. You can watch these movies with friends or family and these are the classic Christmas movies that everyone must see in their lifetime. They will get you in the Holiday spirit and remind you what the true meaning of Christmas is. 

  1. My favorite Christmas movie of all time has to be How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but not the animated one. This is my favorite Christmas movie because the whole storyline is told so well in the movie, and the settings and characters in the non-animated movie are so good. I grew up watching this movie and continue to watch it multiple times every year because it is just that good. You can watch with family, friends, your significant other, and even little kids. This should definitely on the top of the list for must watch Christmas movies this season.

  2. My second favorite Christmas movie that most people have already seen and love is Elf. I have already seen this movie this holiday season and it can never get old. I love Will Farrell as an actor and he does such a good job as Buddy in the movie. This movie can definitely get a few laughs from you and your friends and family. Overall, it is a very wholesome Christmas movie that everyone much watch every holiday season.


I really hope that you love these movies as much as I do. These Christmas movies are such classics and even though you may have seen them a million times, you can never get enough of How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf!


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