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  • Jessica Martin

Best Nap Spots on Campus

One thing all Viz girls have in common is that we will never pass up an opportunity to take a nap. With school, extracurriculars, and homework sometimes we are really stressed and could just use a nap in advisory or a free, so here are my recommendations for some of the best places to nap at Viz!

1. Cass Commons

With the padded seating and lots of room, Cass Commons makes the perfect place for a nap during a free. Although it can get noisy a times, if you have people in your free that are productive and don't really talk, then it will be the perfect spot for you!

2. Campus Ministry Couches

Not only are there comfy couches to nap on in Campus Ministry, but you could also have a wake up snack of hot chocolate or candy! What more could you want?

3. Mrs. Shortt's "Comfy Corner"

A personal favorite of mine, the "comfy corner" up in the penthouse is the ideal spot for a nap. With an array of pillows to chose from and the sun coming in through the window, you could sleep there forever! 4. Library

A place known for being quiet, the library is a great choice for a space to sleep. Particularly, the couches close to the printer. While many others are sitting at the desks doing school work, I would say getting a good nap in is a free well spent.


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