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Best Sniff Spots Around Viz

By Sejal Sekhar '23

Our sense of smell is a survival tactic that helps us to sniff out the good from the bad. It was important when humans were hunters and relied on their sense of smell for food. Nowadays, we acknowledge a good dessert or perfume using out noses. I bet you have never even recognized the good smelling places around Viz. That is right, there are some highly recommended sniff spots within our own school. This may sound crazy, and believe me I thought it was nonSENSE at first but then it all started to make sense.

The first place that comes highly recommended on the sniffdar is the corner by the stairwell between the art hallway and the cafeteria hallway. There are chairs and it is right by the lower school cafeteria. It is said that this spot has a crisp smell that entices you to sit in those chairs. Not only is the smell crispy, some say that taking a whiff reminds them of a fall day. Now the next ranked spot is the little area between Mrs. Enger's room and the choir room. I personally know that Mrs. Enger is the reason for the bath and body scent as she is the one who creates the aroma with her air freshener. If you ever feel like your allergies make it so you cannot enjoy the smell of spring, take a seat on the couches for a non-congested sniff. The next recommendation is the cove. Those that have their locker there are lucky as they are blessed with the fine smells that float in from the courtyard. Similar to the first place I told you guys about, the scent is nice and crispy with an extra dose of oxygen from the plants outside. If you ever feel lightheaded, there is plenty of oxygen to help you out here. Those are all the places that my sniffdar was able to seek out - or should I say sniff out - but keep your nose peeled out for more scents as you never know where the next sniff can take you.