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  • Sejal Sekhar

Burn Out

It is with sadness in my heart that I deliver this news. Unfortunately, we have reached the time of the school year where burn out syndrome starts to run rampant through the halls of Visitation Academy. Now I know what you all must be thinking, how can this disease contaminate everyone so quickly. Well let me shed a little knowledge on this subject matter. It all starts with the classic case of senioritis. The seniors catch this viral infection and are out cold! Grades start to drop, assignments start to go missing, and the Portal shames them for getting senioritis. But you cannot blame the seniors for this, it is unavoidable. Once the seniors get it, the wave starts. Juniors get bombarded with work, gasping for air to stay afloat amidst all the assignments. Junior year is tough and burn out syndrome targets those that are stressing about college and are getting ready to fly away from home which is why the juniors and seniors are the main target. But don't discount the other grades, they are in close quarters with the juniors and seniors. Once the desks get drenched with the germs of burn out syndrome, there is no immune system that can withstand.

Now you may have come to this article for some advice, so I'll give it a shot. We only have a couple more days of this school year left until summer. The most inspiring advice I can give you is to grind these next couple of days and before you know it, you will be soaking up some rad summer rays.


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