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Carol Jung's Music

"Feel Dat Funk" choices by Caroline Jung '20

As fall winds down and winter is quickly on its way in St. Louis, many are digging through their playlists and fishing out their beloved Christmas music. This is quite the controversy, as many people, me being one of them, believe that it is only appropriate to blast Christmas music after Thanksgiving. Here are five feel-good, funky, groovy songs to tide you over through the last bit of fall until you can blast all the Mariah Carey you want.

Warm by Dre’es Featuring Mia

This is the perfect end-of-fall song. The production on this track, like the twangy guitar with a healthy dose of reverb, just screams fall. But soft and subtle voices, light percussion and the pre-chorus (repetition of “hold my hand”) also makes it a great song for winter. I hate to say it, but it really does give off great vibes and you will “fall in love” with it on your first listen.

Lost in Nostalgia by Xavier Omar

You will have the chorus of “Lost in Nostalgia” all day after your first listen. It is the funkiest of this bunch and its layered vocals will have you wishing the song were longer. There’s not much I can say about this song that would do it justice over than hearing it. So I suggest you do that.

Cringe by Matt Maeson

The boot-stomping and swelling beats paired with the acoustic and rough verses in “Cringe” will make you wish the leaves stayed on the trees for just a little while longer. Go ahead and dig out your raspy voice to sing along to this. But once all those leaves fall, give the stripped version a listen. It’s a totally different feel, more mellow and minimalistic, but just as great.

Wait a Minute! By WILLOW

With over 100 million streams on Spotify, there is a chance you might have heard Willow Smith’s transcendental “Wait a Minute!” Yes, “Whip My Hair” Willow Smith. But, if you haven’t, boy are you missing out. Do yourself a favor and give this bumpy, dreamy, dance-alone-in-your-room song a listen.

Cocoon by Milky Chance

“Milky Chance, now where have I heard that name before?” They made “Stolen Dance”. You’re welcome. This German (yes, German!) group’s latest album, “Blossom”, gives us this gem of a song. Milky Chance’s classic hoarse vocals and folky production comes together in “Cocoon” and will have you hanging onto these last couple of fall days.


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