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Changing Times

If there's anything we have learned over the past two years its that changes can be drastic. In 2019 our St. Louis community went from one of frequent socializing to one of a complete lockdown almost overnight. As we have all learned how to navigate the new landscape that COVID-19 has thrust upon us, there have been some positive developments that point us to progress. Early last year, the first round of Covid vaccines were introduced and made primarily available to healthcare workers and those in high risk demographics due to their age or preexisting medical conditions. The resulting success of these vaccines served as a source of hope and reassurance for the world. In January of 2021, only 5% of those eligible to be given the shot in America were vaccinated, however as the FDA began to approve vaccines for younger age demographics, numbers began to rise. By summer more than 175 million Americans had gotten at lest one shot, and Covid cases and deaths began to fall at a similar rate. Now 56% of Americans are fully vaccinated meaning around 184 million Americans have received the Covid Vaccine. However with the development of the vaccine, many questions have been raised as to its efficacy and who exactly can get it. How effective is the Covid Vaccine? According to the CDC, the Modern vaccine is 94.1 percent effective in preventing serious symptoms of Covid in people ages 18+, while the Pfizer -BioNtech Vaccine is 95% effective at preventing infection with COVID-19 in people who received two doses. Who is eligible to get the Covid Vaccine? Anyone 18 years or age or older can choose which vaccine they receive while those 17-11 are limited to receiving the Pfizer vaccine which is the only Covid vaccine which has received FDA approval for those under 18. How many doses are necessary? The Pfizer vaccine requires two doses two weeks apart to fully activate the mRNA vaccine capabilities. Recent studies have shown there are benefits to receiving a third booster dosage 8 months after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine to renew immunity. As we all adapt to our changing times, the Covid vaccine remains a testament to the resilience as well as the innovation we are capable of.


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