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  • Anna Mcarthy

Christmas Gift Guide

Hi Vivettes! Now that VP is over (and we don't have to worry about buying $80 dresses) it's time to get hype from Christmas. Personally, I have not done any shopping yet, and I have a lot of gifts to get. Deciding what to get everyone in your life for Christmas can be difficult. But today, I am here to help. I've been told that I am a pretty good gift giver, and I pride myself in that. Here are some ideas to help you out this holiday season.


Mom: It is very important you get your mom a good gift. I know my mom puts so much work in every Christmas to make sure everyone has an amazing day. My go to gift is a set of candles. You HAVE to get at least three of each sent so every room in the house smells the same. Another idea is some Viz merch! My mom loves to rep Visitation Academy, and I'm sure yours would too.


Dad: You could go with the obvious choice: a couple of ties. That's pretty much what I get my dad every year. If you can think of something sentimental between you and your dad, I would take that route. As teenage girls it's typical for our dads to feel disconnected, so something special will surely make him happy.


Sibling: Personally, my brothers and I don't do big gifts. I normally spring for a hoodie or sweatpants from Dick's. Candy is a good add on.


Best friend: For a best friend, it's best to get sentimental. A framed photo or a photo album is a nice idea. You also could just ask your friend what they want because it's less serious with them. That's what I normally do.


Significant other: This should be the gift you put the most thought into. The gift needs to be special. For a girl, a nice piece of jewelry, perfume, or a pair of shoes should suffice. For a guy, clothes are the way to go. Most guys don't have style, and as a girlfriend, it is your job to help him out. You could also get something that you and your partner can do together, like baking supplies. Additionally, you should include a nice note or card to tell them you love them.


I hope this gift guide helps you this season. Don’t wait too long to start shopping!



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