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Dating In Quarantine

By Bella Leonard '21

If you are actually practicing social distancing and following the stay at home order, you would be aware of the fact that we have been locked away for over a month now. Some days it seems like my boyfriend and I are the only couple that is actually practicing social distancing; we haven’t physically seen each other in over a month but that doesn't stop us from being a couple. Before the pandemic, usually Friday nights were our out nights so we decided to keep that tradition by hopping on facetime then to catch up on life (there usually isn't much in that category) and just talk about many other random things. We grew to realize that both of our mothers have become obsessed with the new version of "Animal Crossing" so, we even went to each other's islands as a date once. It's corny yes, but hey like I said before we haven't seen each other in over a month so we have to fill that void somehow.

If you are dating someone that doesn't go to Viz, you can talk about your schedules and compare workloads. I know this doesn’t sound fun but before you know it, an hour has past and you're both laughing at the time they threw a birthday party for their (late) pet hedgehog. What I am trying to say is although facetime does not live up to physically being with that person, we are fortunate to live in a time where technology can connect us like never before. So I have devised a list of things you can do with your significant other during these historic times. And remember that when you stay at home, you save lives and shorten our time in isolation!

Ten things you can do with your significant other without ever leaving your house!

  • Having a virtual sleepover

  • Commit tax fraud*

  • Baking on FaceTime

  • Pyramid schemes*

  • Visit each other on Animal Crossing

  • Make each other playlists

  • Tax Evasion*

  • Write letters

  • Binge a series together

  • Tie dye a sweatpants set to give them as a present after quarantine

*need parent’s permission before committing a felony