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  • Anna McCarthy

Dolan Twins Comeback

Today, in 2023, tiktok stars like Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, and Vinny Hacker are obsessed over by teenage girls everywhere. But back in the good old days, when people had attention spans longer than 15 seconds, youtubers ruled the influencer scene. Recognize the names Ethan and Grayson Dolan? If not, you were probably living under a rock for a good chunk of the 2010s. From challenge videos to travel vlogs with other creators, these twin brothers made a huge name for themselves on the internet. Creative and entertaining videos were dropped weekly until the Dolans began a social media hiatus in 2021.

While fans were sad to see Ethan and Grayson’s pretty faces leave their screens, they were still supportive through the twins’ time offline. On July 19th, 2023, after around two years of radio silence, both brothers took to Instagram to announce the release of a short film they created together. Titled “Nothing Left to Give”, the film was written, produced, and directed by the Dolan twins. Their project will premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival in August.

These brothers have grown up online, always showing love and respect towards their fanbase. As an avid watcher of their videos, I think it’s amazing to see their transition from sitting in front of a camera on their purple couch to working behind the scenes to fulfill their other creative aspirations.


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