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  • Mary Howard

Where is Team Ten Now?

The once infamous group started by Jake Paul in 2016 and popular through 2018, has fallen off, but where are these influencers now? The original group did not stay in Team Ten for more than a few months, their names are unimportant. At peak fame, the members were Jake Paul, Chance Sutton, Anthony Trujillo, Tessa Brooks, Erika Costell, Martinez Twins, Nick Compton, Uncle Kade, Tristain Tales and Chad Tepper. Leader and organizer Jake Paul is still an active influencer, he is currently 26 and dating Jutta Leerdam. Recently he has been in many boxing and wrestling matches. Chance Sutton and Anthony, most famous for their debut in Ohio Fried Chicken by Jake Paul are now in their mid-twenties and no longer active on social media. Chance, known for dating Tessa Brooks during Team Ten times, is now single. Tessa Brooks is now very popular on TikTok. Known for her weight loss journey, her following now is triple the amount she had during Team Ten. Tessa is still famous for her hip-hop dancing skills. Erika Costell, Jake’s ex-wife whom he impulsively married is still a popular content creator. Like any other influencer, she is now a model and posts basic videos on TikTok. A pair of identical twins known as the Martinez Twins have released music made TikTok videos, and stayed active on YouTube. The Martinez Twins were born and spent their childhood in Catalonia, Spain. Since moving to LA to be members of Team Ten they have moved back to their hometown where they post most videos using the Spanish language. Known as the British dude, Nick Crompton has not posted on any social media since 2020, his fame began to decline shortly after the fall of Team Ten. Most commonly referred to as Uncle Kade, Kade Speiser is currently engaged to Mackenzie Rose and plans to get married in 2024. He posts frequently about trips and vlogs about them too. His current following on Instagram is 1.1 million which is twice the amount he had in 2017. Tristan Tales, known for his modeling jobs around the time he was in Team Ten, is now an actor. He recently starred in A Hollywood Christmas which is on Hulu. The tenth member of Team Ten, Chad Tepper, is now 31 years old and a musician. He has released music and his most popular song is Don’t Wanna Die. Most of the Team Ten members have been able to keep their fame and following while others completely lost there’s due to not being active on social media.


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