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  • Abby Winter

I Met Jacob Sartorius

The day is February 10, 2018. My sister Emma, her friend Mattea, and I bought the world renounced pop artist of the century, Jacob Sartorius, Hit Me Back Tour VIP tickets, and today would be the day that we see him in concert. In the mid afternoon, I put on my black lululemon leggings, adidas superstars, and my purple sweatshirt that says in crikut iron on vinyl "Hit Be Back Tour" on the front and "Abby" on the back. I straighten the front of my hair, put on my great lash mascara, and sparkly lip-gloss. I am now officially ready to wait in the two hour line outside the Pageant in 30 degree weather to meet Jacob. Although I went through vigorous conditions and almost froze my whole face off, my homemade sweatshirt kept me comfort. The poster I spent multiple hours on for Jacob, did in fact get discarded as I entered the door by a security guard, but I didn't let that get to me. Mattea, Emma, and I were matching from head to toe. After two hours of waiting in line, we finally met the front. We walked through black curtains to reveal Jacob standing there, and his jaw dropped because of how good we looked in our matching sweatshirts. We sat down on a black pleather couch to take pictures and he asked us what gang we were in. Emma responded with "the Gucci gang". Then he asked what our favorite song was and Emma said "Rolex" and started singing it. Jacob knew he had to whip his phone out to video tape us all singing Rolex together. The camera man tried to tell him he didn't have time, but Jacob cut him off and said that we were worth it. Together, we all made a video singing Rolex together and dancing and Jacob uploaded it to his Instagram story. We hugged and said goodbye to him, then walked to the area where we would watch him in concert. It took him two hours to come out, but it was all worth it. He sang happy songs, sad songs, did body rolls, outfits changes, and famous tiktok dances. Everyone around us kept saying to us "omg you're the people on Jacob's story" and then would high five us. It was such a great day. I posted it on Instagram and it was the first photo of mine to get over 70 likes. I scored in many ways that day. I went to bed grinning, and haven't showered since he hugged me. Jacob will always live with me through that hug.


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