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Emma's Cultural Reflection

By Emma Behrman '22

Throughout my life, my Filipino culture has been a guiding force and essential aspect of my life. When I was asked to write a reflection on my culture, my mind instantly went to the summer I spent in the Philippines. Connecting with family, eating the food, and visiting historic monuments really cemented my love for my culture. My family in the United States and back in the Philippines represents the loving and welcoming nature of Filipinos. Whether that be singing karaoke through the night or the nicknames my Tito gives all the jings, my family reminds me of the joy of the Philippines. My Lolo’s adobo, sinigang, and kare kare remind me of the flare and spice of Filipinos. The care my Lolo takes in making all of these dishes and the expertise in cutting fruit for the family demonstrates the hardworking drive demonstrated by many Filipinos. Historic destinations like the Jose Rizal National Monument represent the intricate and profound struggles and triumphs of the Filipinos. Learning about Filipino history has been a way I have connected to my culture. Whether that be through school projects or sitting down to listen to my Lola’s stories of her childhood in Vigan City, I have always been fascinated by this beautiful island country. These small aspects of the Philippines represent just a portion of the country’s culture and people. I have always loved my Filipino culture and feel very proud to be a Filipino.


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