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Eulogy for Kim and Kanye

By Riley Ehlermann '21

Today, we gather here to mourn the loss of the beloved Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West. Two people, lost in a world, found each other, and in the end found themselves. Kim, a young socialite who, when asked by her daughter why she is famous, described her position as "my name is Kim Kardashian." Kanye, a rapper turned fashion designer turned semi-politician. Both taking on the headlines, family, reality tv, and now the law. Who will get the monastery style home? Who will get Sushi? Will Kim defend herself in court? There are a million questions one might feel anxious about, however, we should not dwell in the past. Yes, their partnership was one we all praised, read about, watched, listened to. They will be missed. But focus on the possibilities. The sneaky posts Kim puts on Instagram when Kanye is seen with a girl. The disses Kanye puts in his music about Kim wanting the kids for the annual ski trip. The drama will continue on without the Wests, and our hearts will grow stronger through this loss.


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