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Fall Fun

Fall is an awesome time of year, and it comes with many opportunities to do lots of fun things. Here a few ideas below of something things to do during the fall:

Go Apple Picking

  • Who doesn’t love apples?? There are many amazing apple orchards here in St. louis such as Eckert’s.

Corn Maze

  • Have fun getting lost in the midst of so much corn.

Scenic drive

  • Put on some music and invite your family and friends to drive around some of the more scenic parts of Missouri.

  • Enjoy the changing colors of the leaves that will warm up your trip.

Play touch football

  • For anyone, this can be a fun game to play with family and friends. What better way to get your energy out by getting a couple of touchdowns?

Go for a hike or a bike ride

  • There are many great trails around the Missouri area such as the Katy trail.

Go camping and have a campfire

  • There are many campsites around Missouri both close to St. Louis and further into the state. You can even camp out in your backyard!

Roast marshmallows

  • What better treat to go along with camping then making s’mores and warming yourself by a fire.

Go to a pumpkin patch

  • Gather some friends or family members together to find the perfect pumpkin. Whether it is a big or little pumpkin, there are so many to choose from.

Carve a pumpkin

  • Once you’ve found your pumpkin, carving it is another spooky way to feel in the fall mood. You can do a cute traditional pumpkin, a scary one, a unique design, or anything to your heart’s content.

Go to a farmers’ market

  • So many fresh foods are growing in fall, so what better than to buy them from farmers at a market. Markets are also fun to walk around and explore the different items.

Have a picnic

  • An autumn picnic is a beautiful way to spend some time outdoors. Grab a blanket, a delicious meal, and some friends and go enjoy the day.

Make fall crafts

  • pinecone bird feeder, leaf coloring; fall wreath, paint a pumpkin, press leaves in an album, or whatever makes you feel creative.

Bake an autumn dessert

  • apple pie, apple crisp, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or so many other desserts!

Have a Friendsgiving

  • Friendsgiving is a thanksgiving but for your friends, celebrating your friendships that you are grateful for. So go out with your friends and spend some time with them.

Go to an amusement park

  • Go to fright fest at six flags!

Make and drink hot chocolate or apple cider

  • Both are amazing drinks that smell and taste like fall.

Watch Halloween movies

  • Whether it is horror or a classic or whatever makes you feel in the fall mood, find a good movie and cozy up with some blankets and enjoy.

Stargazing with blankets and friends

  • This is a fun activity to do, especially if you are going camping where there are so many stars in the sky. Try to find some constellations or the north star!

Write what you’re thankful for

  • This is a fun activity to remind you of everything in your life that matters to you and that you feel grateful to have or experience.

Visit a sunflower field

  • Sunflowers are a beautiful way to feel in the fall mood.

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